Tea – tried the strawberry and raspberry infusion tea from Marks & Spencer. The sachet is quite huge & just nice for a pot for 2. Love the aroma of berries too.   Advertisements


I’ve been so out of place this week. It’s been raining cats and dogs as usual over here. I really wonder when will the sudden rain stop. I have to cancel all my beach plans.. it’s sad. Barely had any sleep this morning thanks to all the soju last night. πŸ˜€ Was at Damotory, this … More TGIF

Tea time

γƒ­γ‚€γƒ€γƒ«γƒŸγƒ«γ‚―γƒ†γ‚£γƒΌγŒε₯½γγ§γ™γ€‚δ»Šζ—₯は飲んだ。It’s always nice to relax over a cup of milk tea. While surfing through the net the other day I found this really interesting video on how to make “proper” milk tea~ I’ll definitely give it a try when I’ve the time…