Well last week was a Paul’s week indeed. I’d breakfast there on Friday morning & tea on Thursday. It just makes you wanna go back there every time after your meal. It’s that addictive.. talking about that makes me crave for awesome breakfast every morning. I’m sure to pack on the pounds!! Imagine green leafy … More Treat~


Thank you for the lovely gift Mimiko chan~ love it! みみこちゃん、ありがとう〜 Happy to have receive such a cute omiyage from my lovely friend. So sweet!!  It’s been a while hasn’t it, since my last post. Been out and about meeting & catching up with friends. Everyone have been so busy, but I’m glad we made … More Love

Tea time

ロイヤルミルクティーが好きです。今日は飲んだ。It’s always nice to relax over a cup of milk tea. While surfing through the net the other day I found this really interesting video on how to make “proper” milk tea~ I’ll definitely give it a try when I’ve the time…

Lovely week

Bought this camera before my HongKong trip back in Nov 2011 and I haven’t really get use to it since. So I signed up for the workshop which is gonna happen in 3 days time. I really am looking forward to it though I’ve totally no idea what’s installed. Hopefully something useful for me to … More Lovely week